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Dental Implants in Weston, MA

For a natural-looking, fully functioning replacement for one or more teeth, there is no better option than a dental implant. Dental implants are small posts, usually titanium but occasionally a special zirconia ceramic, which are rooted in the jawbone in place of a missing tooth. The materials that implants are made from are compatible with your body, allowing the bone to grow right against the post and fuse it in place. Implants can be topped with an artificial replacement tooth or a bridge, or, if many teeth are missing, they can anchor dentures to keep them secure. Before the development of dental implants, unsecured dentures or tooth-supported bridges were the only way to replace teeth. But now, it is possible to regain a smile that looks and feels natural.



Dental implants are secure and sturdy, allowing for a natural-feeling bite without any fear of losing or breaking the tooth. They look like healthy, natural teeth, so you can smile with confidence. Dental implants are also a permanent solution to missing teeth, and if successful, they should not require replacement or repair under normal circumstances.

The process

Installing a dental implant is a surgical procedure that will take place under anesthesia. We will implant the post first, in the area of your jawbone which would normally hold the roots of your missing tooth. The post needs time to fuse with your bone structure in order to ensure that it is full secured in place and that the implant doesn’t fail. Once the post is integrated into your jaw, we will place a permanent tooth-shaped cap on top, if this is a replacement for a single tooth; or you will be able to fasten dentures to the implant. With proper care, a successful dental implant will be permanent and will serve as a functional replacement for your missing teeth for the rest of your life.

Qualifying for dental implants

In order for a dental implant to function properly, you need to have enough bone mass in the area to support the procedure. Tooth decay can weaken and erode the bone, as can other conditions affecting bone density. If your jawbone doesn’t have enough mass to anchor the implant, there are sometimes procedures for augmenting it. After an exam, we can give you a better idea of what the options are in your particular case. Dental implants also require strict oral hygiene.

Scheduling an assessment

If you are interested in receiving one or more dental implants, call our office today or request an appointment online for your initial examination. We at Heggerick, Alwazzan & Noel DMD Prosthodontists will be glad to answer any of your questions and to help you determine whether dental implants are right for you.

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